ARK: Survival Evolved – The Center arrives on Xbox and PC!


The Center, a massive new ARK map which was created by modder Ben Burkart, is the beginning to be made into an official Mod, following the announcement of the Official Mods Program .

Bạn đang đọc: ARK: Survival Evolved – The Center arrives on Xbox and PC!

venture through The Center ’ s stunning new biomes and caves thus large that they facilitate their own live eco-system .
The massive map doubles the in-game playable geography of the already enormous ARK landscape making it roughly 70 sq. kilometers. The Center is filled with arresting lighting effects, lava rivers, giant picturesque mountains, misty floating islands, ancient underground ruins, enormous ice caves, and of run beyond the breathtaking sights lay dangerous threats and mysterious secrets to unravel with you and your tribe-mates .

The Center is free for all ARK : survival Evolved players, and for those who have so far to adventure into the mysterious dino-inhabited world, you ’ re in luck as ARK : survival Evolved is now on sale for Steam Players for 33 % off and on Xbox One via the ID @ Xbox Program for 25 % -off for Gold Members and 15 % -off for Silver Members !
To get a hold of the DLC for Steam, just head over here and you’ll be able to pick it up for free!
The Center was crafted wholly by hand without any auto-generated message, it will use it ’ mho own save data, with separate options to reset the save data for each person map. We ’ ll besides be launching new 100-player official Servers and today ’ s update will besides include extra message and fixes :


  • Added all content up thru PC patch v240 (includes such things as Broodmother Arena, Megapithecus Arena, Direbear, Manta, Chem Table, Prim Cannon, Lystrosaurus, Arthropluera, Sabertooth Salmon, Primitive Bola, Tribe Rank Management, and more!)
  • Fixed memory/crash issues, massively reduced game memory overhead
  • Improved rendering performance by approximately 10%
  • Fixed the huge stall/lock/crash when you “Transfer” a bunch of items at once
  • Spawn-In First Person Animations are now playing properly once again
  • ADDED The Center Official Mod Map! Doubles the playable game area of ARK, with all new adventures — added Official The Center servers supporting up to 100 simultaneous players!


  • Added The Center Official ARK Mod/Map as Free DLC
  • Added new 100-player ‘The Center’ Official Servers
  • Improved Non-TrueSky Sky & Lighting (+ SM4/Mac/Linux)
  • Significant server PhysX & Networking optimization
  • Added option for PvE Servers to disable building around critical resource node regions
  • You can now pickup and toss Dodos & Dung Beetles. Rejoice!
  • Fixed the huge stall/lock when you “Transfer” a bunch of items at once
  • Arthropluera “Turret” AI mode option: won’t move and will only used ranged attack against targets.
  • Added server option to override per-Item Crafting costs
  • Added server option to override the loot tables for each kind of supply crate
  • Added server option to limit number of members in Tribes. Default: no limit.
  • Warmap now dynamically shows the mini-map texture of whatever level you’re playing on!

good luck on your adventures and unravelling the cryptic Survivors !

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK : survival Evolved team

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