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Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown

Smash Bros. Lawl Beatdown is a video series made by YouTube user ShadBad88. The series follows the format of Chincherrinas' Smash Bros Lawl video series, where the videos take the hypothetical idea of adding characters that have absolutely no chance of appearing in the Super Smash Bros series and giving them movesets based on personality and creativity. Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown had been conceptualized during 2012 as passing personal ideas for movesets within the Smash Bros Lawl format. When more

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Download Super Dram World

My recent dive into retro gaming has opened my eyes to how much time and effort still goes into playing console games that are as old as I am.  The basic

MD5 Checksums & CRC for all 9.2 update packs

MD5 Checksums & CRC for all 9.2 update packs I've seen in quite a few posts users asking for the MD5 checksums so they can verify the packs they have downloaded before attempting a downgrade to 9.2 on their consoles so I thought I would post this thread for everyone to use as a reference...

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