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As the Lab ’ s 64-bit Alex Ivy viewer progresses through release candidate stage and the distributor point where the code is regarded as a stable enough for TPVs to start picking up, viewer developers having been doing just that .
first out of the v5-stage gates at the startle of September was Nicky Perian with 64-bit versions of Kokua for Windows and Mac. Towards the in-between of the month, NiranV Dean issued a 64-bit version of Black Dragon for Windows .
It should be noted that in neither lawsuit are the provide 64-bit viewers the final examination, polish article. Nicky has distinctly labelled his versions as test releases, which Niran is referring to his as an alpha series of releases .
I ’ ve not driven either viewer to any bang-up extent, so the take after is more informational than anything else. Please refer to the links at the conclusion of this article for all download links to the viewers.

Kokua 64-bit

The Kokua 64-bit builds come in both RLV and non-RLV versions. Each is functionally identical to the other, with the exception of … RLV inclusion body. For appliance, I downloaded the 64-bit Windows version with RLV. all of the versions are based on the Lab ’ mho Alex Ivy code basal .
The Windows spectator builds include the SL Launcher .EXE, designed to ensure the right version of the spectator ( 32-bit or 64-bit ) is installed on your personal computer when updating the spectator. however, at this luff, neither actually utilises it directly : the installation short-cut for the spectator points directly to the spectator .EXE. As the Launcher is besides intended to start / terminate the spectator ’ s crash log, and given – if I recall correctly – Kokua utilises the Lab ’ s viewer update procedure, I assume use of the Launcher may / will be folded-into the Kokua ’ s 64-bit Windows flavor in the future .
Beyond this, the spectator is functionally identical to the last full free of Kokua ( ), with extra updates from the more recent LL viewer releases since that date. This means the 64-bit spectator now includes the Asset HTTP updates from the Lab and the current passing version ( ). I understand the 32-bit versions of the viewer have besides been merged with these updates, but have not been formally released .
Nicky does note that there are some issues with the Mac 64-bit translation of the spectator, some of which prompted an update following an initial turn of the trial viewers. Some of these have been logged via JIRA with the Lab ( such as BUG-41395 ). For those downloading and trying the spectator, he particularly requests that feedback be given on notifications and taking / processing snapshots, which have caused noticeable issues in merging the code ( obviously, feedback on early aspects of the viewer and problems encountered is besides welcome ) .

Black Dragon 64-bit

Black Dragon presently has the SL Launcher removed. This generates a warn on starting the viewer, advising users to run things from the Launcher and to update short-cuts consequently. however, it doesn ’ t intervene with the spectator ’ second operations .
The 2.9.0 64-bit adaptation incorporates Niran ’ s more recent updates up to his 32-bit 2.8.2 release. For those with hardware which can handle it, Black dragon continues to offer a graphics know respective points above other viewers. For some people, this is slightly mitigated by the viewer ’ sulfur menu system presentation, which can take a little getting used to but truly international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that hard to steer around. The large issue of graphics options exposed / added can be a small frighten to those not into graphics tweaking – but again, there ’ s no real need to play around with any you ’ re not familiar with when adjusting settings .
In addition to the 64-bit iteration, the viewer includes further refinements to SL shadows, including an attempt to deal with a particular aggravator for photographers : disconnected shadows. That is, shadows which barely fall shortstop of actually visually connecting with the aim casting them, and which at clock time no amount of jiggling with settings such as trace quality and/or darkness bias can fix. A far transfer is that HTTP pipelining has been disabled within the viewer .

Rough-and-Ready Performance Notes

The benefits in using 64-bit versions of the viewer – for those who can – are much better memory use and potentially a shrink crash rate and, potentially, a promote in overall viewer performance. In terms of the latter, and while aim comparisons are constantly subjective ( and dependent upon some factors outside of your command, such as the complexity of any early avatars in your plain of view / in the region, etc ), I carried out some very rough-and-ready tests using ~Neive~ as my testing-point, and with the viewers all set-up according to my review system specifications .
Baseline trial placement : ~Neive~ 199, 155, 27, facing west, with three ( or in the case of the Black dragon 32-bit interpretation test, four ) avatars within draw distance. All measurements were taken after setting the preferences in each spectator, and clearing object and texture caches before doing a bracing load to ensure each viewer had the fit locally cached. I then launched each viewer in sour, let the scenery cargo from cache, measured, shut-down and launched the adjacent & repeated .

FPS Static
FPS pan left / right

Firestorm 64-bit

SL Alex Ivy

Kokua 32-bit

Kokua Alex Ivy

Black Dragon 32-bit 2.8.22

Black Dragon 64-bit 2.9.0 Alpha2

Notes :

  1. Firestorm 64 is currently not using the Lab’s 64-bit code base, and so might be considered an indirect comparison, rather than a like-for-like code base comparison.
  2. Black Dragon has many additional exposed / tweaked graphics options, and a number of defaults somewhat different to the default viewer. In measuring, I attempted to tweak the viewer back more towards the default viewer.

besides note that the electrostatic federal protective service numbers are a median based on fluctuations in numbers ; the pan figures represent the average high/low federal protective service values when panning. All measurements taken via the Stats musca volitans ( CTRL-SHFT -1 ) to ensure consistency of expose floaters in the viewer .
As indicate towards the peak of this article, I ’ ve not actually played that much with either viewer, so can not comment in-depth on overall operation / stability, etc .

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